jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Bike check

Today we have the exclusive Arnaud's bike check who's been working hard for unicorn distribution for the past three years!
A lot of nice BMX parts in there !!

Frame - Superstar compass 2013
Fork - Superstar neutral 2013
Bars - Superstar  swinger 8,8 2013
Stem - Superstar mercury 2013
Front wheel - Superstar duty rim on eclat hub 
Back wheel - Kink orion rim on superstar overdrive hub 
Crank - Old eastern 
Sprocket - Mutant bikes Caravela 
Chain - Shadow 
Pedals - Odyssey JC PC
Seat post - Superstar
Seat - Alone fat CUSHDY 
Front tire - Kink Lyra 2,3
Back tire - Animal tom white 2,2 
Thanks to P-L Massé for all the pictures.

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